Sunday, August 24, 2008

Running with Keegan and the girls

I have recently started running with Laura, my niece Kristin and great nephew Keegan. We found two free running clubs, one runs on Monday's and the other on Thursday's. These are low key 5K runs where the club serves free pasta afterwards.

This is a great way to meet people that have similar interests and to become involved in the Denver running community.

Kristin made a bunch of new friends at the run last Thursday. She is very outgoing so I think it would be impossible for her to go somewhere and not make a connection.

I have been pushing Keegan in the baby jogger so that gives me a whole new perpsective on running. The course we run on Monday's is really hilly so that really adds a challenge to hill running.

Kristin really had a great time on Thursday and was actually looking forward to the next run. It is really neat to be able to share the love I have for running with her.
When I got done running on Monday, Keegan and I spent a bit of time looking for bunny rabbits and in this search got a glimpse of an awesome sunset. A camera just never does justice to what you see with your eyes. It was gorgeous.
My running buddy, Keegan.

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