Monday, June 18, 2012

Bringing Families Together, Brianna's Day

I attended an event on Saturday to celebrate the life of Brianna Canacari.

I met Brianna's mother last fall at a 5K when I stopped by her booth.  A picture of her beautiful daughter caught my eye.  I was shocked to learn that Brianna had passed away at the age of 12 possibly engaged in something called "the choking game".  It is not a game at all, just an act of suffocating on purpose.

Click here to learn more about the choking game.

Cassandra Perkins(Global Voices Reaching Out) interviews Babs Canacari(Founder, B.R.I . Foundation)
I was very moved and inspired by the courage of this mother in dealing with this incredible heartbreak.  She is very clear now that her mission in life is to raise awareness about this risky behavior to save one life, one family from having to go through the unthinkable, the unknowable. 

If you know anyone that might be engaged in this behavior and might need help, Safe2Tell provides young people a way to report threatening behaviors or activities in a way that provides safety and anonymity.  Click here to learn more about Safe2Tell. 

Babs founded the B.R.I. foundation(Breathing Reassurance into Teens) in honor of her daughter.  Please sign the petition to end the choking game by clicking here. 

I will be participating in the Out of Darkness community walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide prevention with Babs on September 10, 2012

Please click here if you would like to make a donation to support Team Bri.

How can you help?
1. Talk to your children.  Be their advocate.
2. Sign the petition to end the choking game.
3. Make a donation to support Team Bri and sign up to participate in an Out of Darkness community walk.
4. Register as an Organ Donor.  Give life!

Light and Love, always and forever Bri. 

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