Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mission moment for Kelly

I asked if I could give the mission moment before the start of our group run on  I wanted to do something to honor Kelly this weekend.

We have a mission story before the start of every group run, to remind us of why we run, why we are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I shared a glimpse of Kelly's story from mid January 2008, written by her Mother, Patty.  When I got to the words make no mistake, I felt overwhelmed with emotions.  I had to stop and compose myself.  I felt sad as I read those words and at the same time I felt incredibly inspired by who Kelly was and what she stood for, what she fought for, I felt so grateful for her life.

Kelly is in quite a bit of pain but doesn't want to be admitted for IV pain medication so is just doing oral pain meds at this time. she has turned down the only new protocol available at this time - it would involve PEG asparginase shots which caused her to have a stroke when she was 7. understandable. so there are few options available - most likely little chance for remission.

Please pray for wisdom as we meet with doctors on Monday to decide on a course of treatment to ease Kelly's pain and to slow down the leukemia so we might have more time (we so want more time!)

just a quick update. Kelly's pain is much better - the continuous morphine pills have achieved a more constant level in her blood -. kelly has chosen a "maintenance" plan - most likely will not achieve a remission but hopefully buy some time and make her more comfortable. she has also chosen to stay in Seattle for about 6 more weeks to put a pain management plan in place and also a detailed care plan for when we return home to Montana. she will meet with her friends from Child Life at the hospital - young ladies she has worked with and loves - and they will work with her to prioritize her time left and ascertain some goals and decisions she has control over.

make no mistake, this 19-year-old is fully aware of her prognosis. and she is still hopeful that maybe, as before, a new treatment option will come available that works. she is also still the fighter she has always been - her life, her dreams, time with her family and friends are still worth fighting for she feels. she truly inspires me - she plans to live, truly live each day.

And over the last two months of her life, Kelly lived her life.

She attended fundraiser’s for Children’s hospital of Seattle and the Ronald McDonald house where she and her family spent so much of their lives during her treatment. She met her transplant donor Emily who gave us the gift of Kelly living cancer free for almost 5 years and she fought so hard for her final wish to be home when it was her time and in the end the cancer killed itself, Kelly lived joyfully and vibrantly till her last breath.

Emily and Kelly at Childrens Hospital

Tomorrow is Kelly’s birthday and she would have been 22 and so I ask that in the weeks and months ahead that we honor what Kelly was important to Kelly. Her life and what she believed in is worth fighting for.

I love you Kelly, you are my hero. Happy Birthday.

Sunrise 01/09/2009

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  1. Very well said. Kelly is, I am sure, Happy and having a great birthday up in heaven! She was so very grateful for her life, right up to the very end. and that always humbles me. and inspires me! Your work with the L.L.S. and how you provide support and hope is also very inspiring!