Monday, December 20, 2010

Four years

Four years ago the phone rang, I hoped it wasn't work calling.
My daughter Laura told me happily that the Grubbs were on the phone.
It was the day after my birthday, I thought it was a belated birthday greetings.
The look on Laura's face told me otherwise, her face was ashen.  Something had happened.
I heard the unthinkable, the unspeakable
Kelly's cancer had returned, six weeks shy of being in remission  for five years.
My heart sank. I had seen Kelly in March, she looked so beautiful, so alive, so healthy.
I asked if I could talk with Kelly, I wanted to find some words, offer some hope. 
We talked briefly and then she told me politely she didn't feel much like talking.
Four years later, how I long to hear your voice and see your sweet smile again.

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  1. Kelly so loved this time of year. I treasure the cards and gifts she made for us but the greatest gift she gave us was her life. She was an inspiration to so many and touched so many lives.