Friday, May 14, 2010

Trust Gratitude Inspiration Friday #5

Wednesday night I attended my friend Brittany's college graduation event.  It was held at the Denver Center for the Performing arts.

This was a huge milestone in Brittany's life. 

Brittany was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia shortly before her 16th birthday.  Her doctors never expected her to leave the hospital.

Nine years later Brittany received her college degree from the Community college of Denver.

That is persistence, being unstoppable in the face of cancer.  Take that!

I almost started to cry as she walked past me, remembering Kelly's graduation from high school.   Another person who was unstoppable in the face of cancer. 

After graduation, Brittany's parents invited us to join them for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. 

I got a rocking acknowledgement from Brittany's mom, thanking me for who I am for Brittany.  It is hard to hear acknowledgements about ourselves, but if you can let them in what an amazing gift that is.

I think what real struck me  about this evening was how important it is to build and nurture your life support systems.  Brittany has a huge life support system.  People she knows and trusts completely to have her back.

                                                                Kriztina and Brittany

Who are the people that will walk towards you when you are dying? 

Those are the people we need to surround ourselves with.  Who is that for you?

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  1. so very cool! Congrats Brittany! Keep us updated on all the big things she is bound to do in the future!