Friday, May 7, 2010

Trust Gratitude Inspiration Friday #4

I had the honor of sharing just a bit of Kelly's story at the Denver Light the Night corporate kickoff meeting yesterday.

This was the largest turnout that the Rocky Mountain Chapters has ever had.  There were approxmiately 180 people in attendance and many movers and shakers in the Denver community.

We were treated to an inspirational speech by the featured guest speaker, Meg Brown.  Meg is a former NCAA basketball player at the University of Texas and is also the author of a book, Dancing with the Enemy. 

Meg is a non-Hodgkin's  Lymphoma survivor.  She shared her top six things to help you cope with any crisis in your life.

1. Expertise ~ When times are tough, you need the knowledge, experience, judgment, guidance of professionals who have the tools to help you make it.

2. Positive attitude ~ When times are tough, the bad is obvious. You have to find the good. With positive attitude comes the ability to laugh. Laughter is medicine.

3. Love ~ When times are tough, let yourself be sustained by the affection and concern which comes your way from the people who care about you.

4. Faith ~ When times are tough, faith is your one constant. Faith lets you talk, cry, laugh. Faith is your peace, your comfort, your strength.

5. Exercise ~ When times are tough, you can still get your butt out of bed. Exercise short circuits self-pity, takes your focus off the problem, and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

6. Luck ~ When times are tough, you can do everything right, but you might not have the luck.

I was inspired to witness her humility and gratitude as she shared her story as she wondered aloud, why me, why was I the lucky one.

Meg walked a 1/2 marathon with Team in Training and mentioned that she totally loved Team in Training.

When I was given the opportunity to talk, I looked to see where Meg had moved to in the room and I said to her, "Meg, Team in Training, 17 events.  I've got your back".

I then shared Kelly's story and as many times before when I spoke about Kelly, any fear that I might have about public speaking disappeared.

I was standing for Kelly's life and the love that lives on in my heart  for her every day. My voice didn't waver, there were no tears. 

I was so grateful to have the opportunity to share her story and just let Kelly's voice inspire the people in the audience.

I bought two of Meg's books that she was selling and donating a portion of the proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

I bought one of the books for my friend, Brittany(9 year AML surviivor) who is graduating from college next Wednesday.  Something her doctors never said she would do.  I love it when doctors are wrong.

I shook Meg's hand and thanked her for sharing her story and I asked her if I could give her a hug as well.  She said sure, "I love hugs".   I have learned to love hugging. 

I left the meeting feeling inspired, hopeful, grateful.

What inspired you today?

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