Saturday, October 31, 2009

Adventures with Brittany

Interesting things seem to happen when Brittany and I get together.

At the Light the Night walk in 2008, we were going to walk together and right before the walk, we got separated and we were never able to find each other.

I had planned a bon-voyage party for her last year before she left for Florida. I reserved a large room at CB&Potts. I sent out an Evite and had about 10 confirmed people and no one showed up other than my family, Laura's boyfriend and his cousin.

We sat there for 3 hours waiting. I thought she would never speak to me again after that.

At this years Light the Night walk, we started off walking together and then got separated when I tried to go back and get Sue and Keegan. Sue had bought a stroller that didn't have front wheels and that turned out to be quite the adventure. We tried to catch up and then Sue told me to go on ahead and see if I could find her. I never did. I finally saw Brittany again about 1/4 mile short of the end of the walk. She had managed to have a good time walking with some of my colleagues at work and had also talked one of my co-workers into doing the Lake Tahoe Century ride with Team in Training next June. Brittany is relentless for a cure!

Last night, Brittany and I went to see Wicked at the Denver Center for performing arts. It was a totally amazing experience. The show is so powerful and moving. WOW!

We walked back to my car, got turned around a couple of times finally making back to the parking garage only to discover in horror that the garage was closed for the night.

I couldn't believe it. She just laughed about it. She told me "it is always an adventure when we get together".

Brittany seems to love me in spite of these misadventures. Brittany is another person that appreciates the gifts in life, even the unplanned ones.

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