Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23 memories

Our niece Kristin was born on this day 26 years ago. I was so excited to be an uncle, albeit only by marriage.

Sue and I went to the hospital that night to meet Kristin for the first time.

Happy Birthday Kristin! Where did the time go? I have great memories of Kristin and Laura playing together when they were little. They would giggle and giggle. No greater sound in the world than that of children laughing.

10 years ago today I ran my first marathon with Team In Training at the San Diego Rock and Roll marathon.

I remember at the 23 mile mark feeling so alone thinking I will never run another marathon. I drew on the inspiration of my hero Kelly to make it to the finish line that day. Kelly had relapsed a month prior to the marathon. Her fight was just beginning again. Little did I know how long a fight it would be and how much fight she had in her. That is one thing that no medical procedure can tell you. How do you measure someone's heart? No test exists for that.

I rode 28 miles today with the TNT fall cycling team. The race to find a cure for blood cancer goes on.

Love you Kelly!


  1. Ah, yes. Mile 23. Usually the worst. My mom died on a 23rd. ::shrug::

    Light and Love, Ross.

  2. It's so great of you to run for a cause. Mile 23 is tough, but not as tough as what others less fortunate than us go through on a daily basis.

  3. Thanks for posting these stories Ross, it is a great cause that you are apart of and I'm sure I'll feel these mile 23 woes on Saturday. I'll be thinking of Kelly and every cancer survivor and fighter and those who have been taken to early this weekend. Thanks again for all you do to raise awareness!