Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jingle Brrr Run

The weather didn't bother this hearty runner.

Check out these two awesome looking runners sprinting to the finish line. Cold weather didn't bother these two friends! They were so much fun to watch, arms pumping, legs kicking. They didn't leave anything out there at the finish.

This is one of my favorite events to run in and as a person that suffers from Arthritis it is also an cause I love to support.

This is a fun run, everyone gets bells to put on their shoes and it is so fun to listen to the sound of the bells as you are running. Lots of pets come out for a best costume contest.
I hope we get better weather next year. I can't wait to do this with Keegan.

I have run this event every year since 1999 with the exception of 2005 when I had a broken foot.
This was a first for me this year as it is the first time I have run this event without Laura. Laura had shoulder surgery the Wednesday before the run to repair a torn labrum so she wasn't able to come this year.
This was the coldest Jingle Bell race I have ever done. It was so cold this during the run my eyes were watering and at one point I couldn't blink. My eyelid was frozen shut.
Sadly the cold affected the race day turnout. There were a total of 531 participants in the run and 5K walk. Some years this race has had over 1,500 participants.

Kudos to everyone that was either brave or crazy enough to come out and support the Arthritis Foundation. I know which category I am in.

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