Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Father Time marches on undefeated

I went to my first ever Orange Theory class yesterday with Adam.  We ran right next to each other on the treadmill and I glance over to see that our heart rates were almost identical.  When my heart rate was at 158, I was at 95% of my maximum heart rate nearing the upper limit of my red zone.  Adam's heart rate was identical to mine and he was in the upper end of the green zone, almost entering the lower end of the orange zone.

I checked a few other times and when my heart rate reached 162 I was at 102% of my maximum heart rate.  Adam was at 82%, safely in the orange zone.  Interesting to note how our hearts were pumping the same number of times and I was flat lining, in the Danger Will Robinson zone and Adam was at the lower end of the Orange zone.  Oh to be 24 again.

At the end of the class we are able to view how much time we had spent in each of the zones.  I joked with Adam that I had clearly "won" as the pyramid view of my heart rate showed clearly that I had spent almost 21 minutes of a 57 minute workout in the Orange zone and almost 31 minutes in the Red zone.  Actually I think this makes me the biggest loser, a clear indication that I am out of shape.  The goal is to spend no more than 20 minutes of the workout in the Orange or Red Zone.  I had 51 minutes total.

Much of the time that I spent in the Red zone, I was at total rest, doubled over, gasping for breath hoping my heart rate would come down.

Clearly I have work to do and I have no illusions about taking down Father Time. After all he is undefeated.

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