Friday, July 19, 2013

That's just Potts

I went to the funeral of my dear friend, Parenthia(Potts) Jones yesterday.

I was delighted to see that the service was (SRO), standing room only.  It seemed only fitting that her last race would be a sellout.

SRO for Potts!

A couple of things stood out for me at the service.

A co-worker told a story of the three words that described Potts to him.

If she was doing something unorthodox, he would say "That's just Potts."

If she was doing something that was inspirational, he would say, "That's just Potts."

Creigh Kelly, had been friends with Potts for three decades.  Years ago, she told him that "Martin Luther King had a dream, and so do I."  Her dream was to help people and she did in countless ways.

A mother told a story of how her son had gotten into trouble when he was 17 and had to perform many hours of community service.  She reached out to Potts and asked her if she would work with his son.

Her son was 6' 2" and Potts on her best day in 4 inch heels might have been 5' 0".  She put him to work polishing the brass handrails at the courthouse.

Fast forward 12 years and the mother of this young man visited Potts at hospice she was staying at and she found out that hours earlier her son had come to visit Potts.  That was the kind of impact she had on everyone she met.

One of my favorite memories of Potts is how she threw together "A day to remember 5K", one month after 9-11 to give us a chance to honor those who had been lost on that awful day and to celebrate our country.  My son Adam was 12 years old at the time and Potts told him to register in the running wave for his age group as she knew if he entered in that division he would get a medal.   She always, always put other people first.  That's just Potts!

Love you Potts, I will so miss you.

Happy trails!

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