Sunday, June 16, 2013

A father's worth

I thought this was a wonderful story written by Cynthia Occelli who grew up without a father.

"A child secure in their father’s steadfast care and provision moves through the world wearing an energetic cloak of confidence and protection.
A father is the model of a man to his sons and his daughter’s first love.
We need him."~Cynthia Occelli
So on this father's day I want a send a shout out to my Dad, for taking me to Bronco games and shivering in the old east stands at Mile High Stadium when they would lose to Kansas City 56-3, buying me my first bowling ball at Monaco Lanes, teaching me how to build something with my hands, for teaching me how to work hard and to not quit on myself.

And to all the father's that would swim as far as needed in any storm for their children.

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