Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Color Run

I ran the 5K Color Run yesterday at City Park,the happiest 5K on the planet!
Beautiful City Park Skyline

Yes. This was the most fun I have ever had waiting for a race to start.  The energy at the starting line was incredible. 

Adults dancing, laughing, celebrating.  It was like being at a rock concert.  We did the wave from start to back of the corrals, thousands of runners.   

I lined up near the front.  I went off in the first wave of runners.  There were still thousands of people waiting to cross the start line when I finished.  It probably took 45 minutes or longer to get everyone across the start line. 

Once the running started, it felt pretty much like any other road race with one exception.  There were 4 color zones on the course and as we ran through the color zones, we were sprayed with different colors, red, blue, yellow and green. 

The last color zone was green and that seemed to be the dominant color on my once white shirt.  I felt like I had been greenified like the wicked witch of the west, Elpheba. 

At the finish line festival every 10 minutes there would be a color throw.  Each runner had been given their own color packet to throw in the air.  

A rainbow of colors filled the air. Some four legged friends got in on the fun. 

What happened to my paws?

Color Run Warriors!
Pretty cool, 10 thousand people, playing like kids. 

Children have it figured out. What would be possible for us in our lives if we played full out all the time?  

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