Saturday, September 11, 2010


It has been nine years since the fabric of our country was forever changed by the terrorist attacks in New York city, Washington D.C and a field in Pennsylvania.

I ran the 9/11 Remembrance Run - America Goes the Distance 10 mile race this morning.

I added 1.09 miles so I ran 11.09 miles on 09/11.

After the race, we had the opportunity to write a message to the troops that are deployed overseas.

That was a really powerful experience to be able to give thanks to those who protect our freedoms, those who stand for our country, our way of life.

What words can properly convey the gratitude to those men and women who serve our country? 

Shortly after 9/11,  we watched young men and women pledge their honor to our country at Mile High Stadium as they were inducted into the armed forces.

I wonder if these young people are still in the military, serving our country.

Tonight Sue, Laura and I had dinner at Big Bill's Pizza.  Every since 9/11 Bill has donated all of the proceeds for the day to a charity. 

For Bill and his staff, this is a day to never forget and it is a day of giving.

His entire staff works for free on this day.

Last year Bill and his staff raised 55,000 for cancer research.

Please check out this excellent article from Patti Digh and take some time to remember the lives that were lost and the hearts that were broken on this day nine years ago.

"Let's roll."-Todd Beamer, passenger on United Airlines flight #93.


  1. That is so awesome that restaurant donates every year on Sept 11th. What a great way to remember, and honor.
    If you get a sec, my blog party fundraiser is going on right now! It's not doing so hot this year so if you could spread the word about it I would appreciate it!

  2. Hi Ross, just stopped by to say hello. I am very humbled by all that you do with your running. Thank you for doing so much for others.

    Your fellow coconut, Stacie