Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Laiken's Legacy

Another one year anniversary. So soon, too soon after Kelly's.
I do know that Laiken just as Kelly did, left a legacy to us.
A legacy to be honored, cherished and held safely in our hearts.
I had a vivid dream the other night about Laiken. She looked amazing, happy, at peace. Laiken send her light to me so I would know that she and Kelly are both okay. Together, free from cancer.
I will wear my Love for Laiken shirt to work tomorrow. I will carry a picture of Laiken with me and will tell everyone who asks me about the legacy of love she left to each of us.
Laiken's Legacy, Love, Light, Courage, x 13, x forever...


  1. Ross... your blog is really touching. Just reading about Kelly and others that mean so much to you really got me choked me up. I'm so glad I found you. Or did you find me? Can't remember. Your blog is great btw!!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the words of encouragement! If you ever have any training or fundraising tips- let me know:)